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Would be nice to have the ability to suppress certain system emails from being sent after form submissions (ie: with a param in the action URL or a hidden field) as sometimes they don’t fit in with custom implementations or are just unnecessary.
Some examples might be to not send the Secure Zone Details Email as we might be using an auto-response email with the form and don’t need to list Secure Zone details. Or with eCommerce/form payments we may not want to send an invoice email, or perhaps even the Gift Voucher email (once that’s implemented).

Taking this one step further, even for system emails where we do have the option of turning on or off in the admin, an action URL param or hidden field option could override this on a conditional basis (much like we have for Workflow Notifications).
For example, a form has both Workflow Notification and Auto-response email applied, but if certain on-page conditions are met we could programmatically turn either one of these off.

Let’s say, for example, we have a support form with the option “Send a copy of this ticket to my email” checked by default, but if unchecked we could suppress the Auto-response email (which would otherwise send them a summary of their submission).

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