Enable fast and easy protection for your clients’ websites and businesses data with the Website Backup extension.

Recover lost data and quickly revert to a previous, working version of your site.

Custom automatic schedule

With the Website Backup extension, you don’t have to worry about individually backing up each website element and file yourself. The extension does it automatically in the background at a convenient time for you


All settings are in one place in the admin:

  • automatic or manual backup
  • your own automatic backup schedule
  • possibility to download all of your files

Speedy Backup & Recovery

If you have a problem with your site, you can minimise downtime and support ticket response time by restoring your site to a previous version in an instant with a click of a button in your admin panel

When do you need the website backup?

  • Global changes

    Make a backup before and after global site changes to easily restore to a ‘known working version’ if needed

  • Client requirement

    Your client stipulates regular backups as one of their requirements

  • Frequent content updates

    Keep content safe for sites with regular edits, eg: adding blogs, news, managing events, etc

  • Minimise additional costs

    Reduce development costs for the client in case of a site breakage or recreating site content

Website backup Benefits

  • Manual backup and download

    You can make manual backups at any moment and download any of your existing backups to your computer.

  • Your own backup schedule

    Automatic site and database backups run according to the schedule set by you in the admin panel.

  • Complete Data Integrity

    Both the database and FTP are backed up, which ensures your data remains complete and intact.

  • Stores up to 100 Gb of data

    The Website Backup extension comes with its own separate Amazon S3 storage,  storage sizes can be selected up to 50 GB.

  • Easy Recovery

    Easily restore site files on the site with a click of a button.

How to Get Started with Website backup

  1. Installation

    Install the extension in your Reseller Portal, via the site instance settings

  2. Configuration

    Once installed, configuration options for the extension will be available in the Settings of your site admin panel

  3. Documentation

    All details on working with the Website Backup extension can be found in the Treepl documentation here

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What does Website Backup cost?

During the BETA period, Website Backup is free to use and try out for your sites and clients.

After the BETA period ends, the extension will become a paid solution (price yet to be confirmed).

Are my backups safe/secure?

Your backups are safely stored on Amazon S3 storage (configured on the same data centre as the site where being installed) and have the same level of security and backup/redundancy as all Treepl website storage.

Can I create manual backups even if a schedule is set?

Yes, the extension allows the flexibility to create both manual and scheduled backups at the same time.

Can my client use and access this backup extension?

The Website Backup extension is available from both the reseller Portal and the website admin. However, by default, website admin users are not configured with permissions to access the extension. This can be adjusted via the ‘Admin User Roles’ to configure fine-grain control for how admin users can use and access the extension.

How long are Page/Item rollback history stored?

Module item rollback provides a history of 90 days.

How long are the backups stored?

Full site backups are stored indefinitely (except where the extension is configured to delete older backups to make space).

If the extension is uninstalled, any existing backups will remain saved for 3 months and can be accessed again once the extension is reinstalled.

What are the storage options available?

The Website Backup extension comes with its own separate Amazon S3 storage (configured on the same data centre as the site where being installed).

Various storage sizes can be selected starting from 1 GB (default), 5 GB, 10 GB, 25 GB, and 50 GB, which can be configured in the extensions ‘Edit Settings’ only from your Treepl Portal.

What backup method is implemented?

The Website Backup extension implements ‘Full Backup’ operations, meaning all site data is stored in each backup file - unlike other backup operation types such as ‘Incremental’ or ‘Differential’ backups.

What happens when the storage space fills up?

You can adjust the “Behaviour on low storage” in the extension’s settings to either send an email notification to the reseller or delete older backups to allow space for the new backup.