v 6.8 Expected delivery: 07 Sep, 2022
New Feature

Abandoned Cart Functionality

Add Abandoned Cart functionality to eCommerce.
  • BC Equivalent
  • eCommerce

E-commerce Quoting Option

E-commerce quoting option so that when order goes through the admin it can be edited, changed, completed before the quote is transformed into an order and the invoice is issued for payment in full or for a deposit payment. A workflow can then also be generated for the order to go to the client/accountant/franchisee.

As part of this feature...
  • CRM
  • eCommerce

Add view only column Item Urls to Export

When exporting the products to a CSV file (export table), include the full product URL’s rather than just the parent so products can be linked to their URL’s.

Checklist values with comma saving Fix

The created element from the frontend doesn't save the "checkbox list" property with the "," symbol. This will be addressed.

Disable detail layout feature

If Disable detail layout is TRUE, make unreachable all module items URLs of the module.
If module item has Detail layout property selected as "Don't use", show 404 page content (with 404 status code) when accessing the item by URL.

Event payment order with tax

Event payment should create order with tax now.

eWay payment field expiration workaround

Extend eWAY payment gateway settings to avoid issue when credit card data determined as expired after second form submit even after payment data was fixed.

Headers settings custom setup

Header settings page. Ability to enable/disable header(s), ability to setup header's specific settings.

Module item rating

Ability to add Item Rating column in module -> table setup and show rating in item list view.
New system property to Edit module item form,
new module item liquid property.
Ability to search by Item_Rating property when using {% component type:"module", isSearchResult:"true"%} for searching.
Ability to sort by Item_Rating field in {% component type:"module" %}. ...

"Remember Me" for CRM login form

Provide the ability to remember the logged-in state for CRM Members and configure its duration.

Rename Site information to Site Globals

"Site information" block renaming to "Site Globals". Typical use-cases for Site Globals might be to store the company name, address, contacts, logo, etc. in one handy location and render that information throughout the site via Liquid.

Tax rounding strategy setting

Ability to select tax rounding strategy:
- banker rounding + error compensation (unit price and total price)
- banker rounding (unit price only).
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