New Feature

Default setting for availability for search engines

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Properties -> Default Properties:
Add ability to enable item for search engines once created.

Preselect it for following system modules
- Blog Post
- Page
- Page Folder
- Blog
- Event Groups
- Events

When new module created - preselect that setting by default
  • SEO
New Feature

New account level: AGENCY

All new features and capabilities are listed on our updated Reseller Program page.
  • Treepl Portal
New Feature

Bill Clients Directly

The ability to bill clients directly with customizable commissions, distributed payments (PayPal) and customizable tax (GST, VAT etc).
  • Admin Panel

Custom Reports needing export of Secure Zone members

Ability to export Secure Zone members from CRM.
  • Secure Zones

BONUS: Branded Subdomain

All trial sites are created as a subdomain under Agency's primary domain.
  • Treepl Portal
  • BC Equivalent