Unfold the Amazon Web Services potential for any of your Treepl sites. Scalable enterprise-level performance with smart and transparent billing.

You can calculate the real cost of a Basic and Extra Server(s) in different configurations before you start working. Or you can schedule a call with us.

Calculate THe COST

Scheduled & Flexible

Schedule extra resources for peak traffic loads on a calendar integrated right into your Treepl site admin. Pay only for what you need with complete granular control by the hour, 24 hours, seven days a week.


Your dedicated server hosts only your website and serves only your users, allowing the ability to monitor server load and providing insight for future server optimisation.

Security & Availability

You don’t share server compute resources, giving your website full potential and increased uptime. A security boost is also gained as fewer admins accessing your server greatly minimises the risk of data loss, server attacks and infiltration.

Choose your configuration

Base Server

Runs your site 24/7

  • Dedicated IP

Extra Servers

Create a load-balancing pair (2 servers) or a web farm of 3 and more servers. Synchronized copies of your Treepl site will run simultaneously while admin and content management (FTP) would operate as usual.

Add Extra Server

Extra features and overages:

Configuration summary:

  • Main server (24/7):
  • Site storage:
  • Bandwidth:
  • Dedicated RDS:

Order summary:

  • Setup fee (paid once):
  • Main server (24/7):
  • EXTRADedicated RDS:
  • EXTRAExtra Bandwidth:
  • First month:
  • Ongoing: */month
* Available only for Partners and Partner Agencies

who is this solution for?

  • Small businesses that plan to run one-time high traffic events/ads
  • Event-based websites

    Seasonal businesses that have large traffic volumes on Black Friday, Christmas holidays, festivals, etc.

  • Сompanies that order high volume advertising from TV or other media channels
  • Irregular high traffic volume

    Large-scale sales promotions, big announcements leading to high traffic flow of site visitors

Dedicated Server Benefits

  • Easy start

    No interviews with sales people or technicians are required to get started. We can set you up and running within one business day!

  • Pay Per Use Only

    You can schedule the operation of dedicated servers by yourself, right in the admin panel, using a built-in calendar. You don't pay for the standby operation of those more expensive extra/boost server(s).

  • Let your clients track the server load in real time

    Provide your clients with access to the AWS charts pulled right into their site admin. They see how their budget is being spent and can adjust accordingly, which site owners really appreciate!

  • Transparent pricing

    You can calculate the real cost of a Basic (24/7) and Extra Server (on demand) in different configurations before you get started.

  • Live monitoring

    Charts from AWS are displayed live directly in your Treepl admin panel. You can see live load on the server in real-time during your campaign, ads, promotions, etc.

  • Analytics

    Full servers load visibility for planning future configurations for your next ad or promotion.

AWS Global Infrastructure Map

The AWS Cloud spans 84 Availability Zones within 26 geographic regions around the world, with announced plans for 24 more Availability Zones and 8 more AWS Regions in Australia, Canada, India, Israel, New Zealand, Spain, Switzerland, and United Arab Emirates (UAE).

  • Regions
  • Coming Soon

Client Case

  1. The Client

    • Sells subscriptions and products
    • Runs ads on Fox News during prime time
    • Fixed schedule of ads with various TV and radio stations
    • On-demand, short notice ad slots requests depending on the event/studio guest

    After running ads, a high volume of traffic flows to their site. The site slows down or goes off entirely, negatively affecting the sales. Understanding what resources and server configuration are required for future ads was practically impossible.

    The Problem

    • The client pays more for a large number of servers that they don't need during normal times with a regular site load (i.e. during night time)
    • Poor performance during the large nationwide TV ads due to the heavy load of concurrent users on the site
    • No control or metrics of the process and performance
    • No understanding of how to scale the infrastructure for future ads and campaigns
    • Client needs something more flexible, scalable, informative and affordable!

  2. how we helped

    Base Server

    After our calculations, we determined they would require a 16 core/32 GB RAM server that runs 24/7 since they don't need a more expensive high-capacity server for regular everyday use.

    Extra Server

    Extra Server with 32 cores/64 GB RAM operates only when scheduled - 3 hours during the day when the national ad is running.

    Site owner is able to schedule the operation time of the extra server using the built-in calendar for time slots when the advertising is scheduled to run. The extra sever is enabled 1 hour before the ad, just in case the ad is shown earlier, and 2 hours after when the biggest influx of visitors is expected. After 3 hours of operation, the more expensive extra server becomes disabled automatically.

    image description
    image description
  3. What now

    • Independently, they set the time on the calendar when they are expecting a high traffic load on the site.
    • If they have changed the time of advertising or the circumstances change - they themselves can remove or adjust the time of the extra server in their admin panel.
    • If they determine the extra server capacity is insufficient, they can easily change the server configuration for better performance.

    reseller`s feedback

    It has been quite an adventure building a site for my customer and then dealing with the enormous growth since launch. As they moved into their advertising campaigns and eventually into national ads, we ran into issues handling the traffic. However, the team with Treepl went above and beyond to not only work with us but research and develop a competitive and reliable dedicated load-balanced server solution to handle everything we were seeing and give us a path forward for continued growth.

    Not only was the solution solid and stable under heavy spikes from national ads, but they also went beyond that to create an easily manageable interface with the admin where my customer can self-manage spikes related to ads and not have to pay for those resources when ads were not running which resulted in huge savings.

    David Morgan, D.Morgan

To get started or calculate the cost for your site, use the calculator above or schedule a call with us.


Is CMS plan included into the cost?

No. Billing wise "Dedicated Servers" is an extension to an existing Treepl site.

Can I use СloudFlare with Dedicated Servers?

Yes, and we highly recommend using Cloudflare for any high-traffic sites as it increases loading speeds and decreases server load - leading to a better user experience and potentially saving you funds on more powerful servers. If you want to use 2+ servers configuration we will require you to have Cloudflare account as we use Cloudflare integration to load balance traffic.

How do I know what server configuration I need?

We can always recommend you the configuration we think is needed based on the site’s implementation and your marketing activity. Also, we highly recommend you perform load testing before running your campaign on dedicated servers. If you need help with load tests you can request that from our support as well.

How do I provide the schedule of upcoming ads?

You'll have a custom calendar integrated into your Treepl site admin, where you can manage your extra (boost) server operation.

Included in every package


  • Dedicated environment
  • CDN
  • Storage backup
  • Uptime SLA (99.99%)
  • Automated site monitoring
  • Security reviews


  • Prioritized support
  • Load testing before going live
  • On-demand site performance review meetings
  • Dedicated account manager
  • White-glove onboarding