Can Treepl CMS integrate with third party services?

Yes, we allow API integrations as BC did. Currently API integrations are only available for Treepl Services team and will become available for Treepl users soon. If you require custom developed API integration please contact Treepl Services.

Does Treepl CMS support Liquid?

Yes. We've implemented the fastest liquid library available on .Net. It's more strict, cleaner and developer-friendly implementation of Liquid than BC's. You can find more info on using Liquid in Treepl CMS in our documentation: Liquid Objects & Usage

How custom domain names are handled?

You add a primary domain name as part of the site activation process. You can also assign additional domain names to your website after activation is complete.

How email accounts are migrated/handled?

If you have existing email hosted via OpenSRS you can seemlessly transfer them under Treepl CMS account (no charge).

How is the Email Marketing handled?

We're using MailChimp with its extensive API capabilities. MailChimp is probably the most popular email marketing service with a powerful API that allowed us to repeat the BC's email marketing functionalities. MailChimp's free plan offers more features than BC ever did. Learn more about MailChimp:

Is Treepl CMS Open Source?

No it is not. TreeplCMS is a SaaS content management system hosted with Amazon Web Services on 6 data centers: USA (Oregon), USA (Virginia), UK (London), Australia (Sydney), EU (Germany) and Canada.

What about SSL?

SSL certificate is included into hosting on every plan. Every live site gets a free certificate (as part of the activation process) for each domain name assigned to the site. All SSL certificates on every Treepl site are renewed every 3 months by Treepl's administration team.

What's the difference between Basic Custom Modules and Advanced Custom Modules?

Advanced custom modules allow 3 extra features:
a) Creating foreign items from other existing Custom Modules (couldn't do with WebApps)
b) Ability to create multiple detail layouts for a single custom module (couldn't do with WebApps)
c) Ability to create user submitted items (with notifications).

What's the meaning behind "Treepl" name?
1) Reference to Tree has two meanings:
a) Constant growth of the platform, we are releasing updates every 3 weeks:
b) We also call Treepl "a CMS for ever-growing websites" which means that with it you can grow your site together with your business, from small to large, without major redevelopments unlike with other platforms.
2) Reference to Triple means that our platform is aimed for all three categories of web professionals: designers, coders and agencies
3) People emphasises our focus on our community (professionals that use Treepl to deliver websites) and our team (those who actually develop Treepl CMS every day)
4) Missing “e” in the end (“Treepl” not “Treeple” ) represents our aim for maximum optimization and practicality.
What technologies are used to build Treepl CMS?
Here are some technical insights on Treepl CMS from our developers:
  • .NET 5
  • ASP .Net WEB API
  • Decentralized database for website instance (PostgreSQL Server)
  • The admin interface is custom-built with Angular 6 + Angular Material and works with the backend through RESTful API
  • Fastest Liquid library available on .Net is implemented for Liquid engine
  • JSON query language is used to perform major module_data functionality
When will *[the feature you need]* be released?

From day one we developer Treepl's features and functionality together with our resellers. That's why we created a Treepl Public Backlog where Partners and Agencies are able to suggest any missing features or improvements to the CMS.

Where Treepl sites are hosted?

All of Treepl's websites are physically hosted on servers of Amazon Web Services - a leading secure cloud services platform. You have a choice of 6 data centers for every website you create in Treepl: USA (Oregon), USA (Virginia), UK (London), Australia (Sydney), EU (Frankfurt) and Canada.

Can I host sites on my own server?

No, Treepl CMS is a closed system. All sites are supported and maintained by Treepl CMS team on AWS servers.

Do you have Australian (AUS) and European (EUR) prices?

Treepl CMS is owned and managed by a USA-based company and is charged by AWS in USD. Therefore all prices are fixed in US dollars no matter of the Data Center you use.

What's Treepl's pricing?

We prefer to not show our pricing publicly since our business model is designed for resellers - Associates, Partners and Agencies.
Treepl resellers are paid users that actively participate in the development and growth of the platform by interacting with the Treepl CMS team and other resellers.
Besides developing and "hosting" sites on Treepl CMS, Treepl resellers provide an extensive set of services for their end clients that are not included into CMS (SEO setup, SSL certificates, Google Analytics setup, email campaigns setup and management, maintenance, consulting and much more).
You can check out our pricing for Treepl resellers here: Treepl Pricing for resellers.

What support will I get?

We offer 24/7 admin support for all six data centers. Resellers support is available 12/5 through through Treepl Portal (integrated ticketing system).
As a Partner or Agency level user you also get help from Treepl Team directly in Slack.
Treepl Forum has proven to be one of the best places to get help with Treepl CMS. It's free and you mostly get answers from fellow Treepl users.

Can I create sites if I am not a Reseller?

Yes, with a new reseller program anyone is able to register and start creating sites in Treepl CMS.

How do I start using Treepl CMS?

You can sign up at Registration page and get instant access to Treepl Portal.

What are the benefits of being a Reseller?

You can learn about all the benefits on our Reseller Program page.