How is the Email Marketing handled?

We plan to realize an integration with MailChimp using its powerful API. Contacts from CRM would be integrated into mailing lists as well.

Can Treepl CMS integrate with third party services?

Not yet, but we will provide partners with an API to do any sort of integrations.

Does Teepl CMS have Web Apps, like in Business Catalyst?

Treepl CMS is built around Custom Modules. They provide much more flexibility than BC's Web Apps and are easier to setup.

Does Treepl CMS support Liquid?

Yes. We've implemented the fastest liquid library available on .Net.

How will custom domain names be handled?

You add a primary domain name as part of the site activation process. You can also assign additional domain names to your sites after activation is complete.

How will email accounts be handled?

Migration of the email accounts is on us. They would stay 100% the same, all data remains under the same service provider - OpenSRS.

Is Treepl CMS Open Source?

No it is not. TreeplCMS is a self-hosted SaaS solution that is built using Umbraco CMS at its core.

What about SSL?

All new trial sites get a free domain which is secured with an SSL certificate. Every live sites gets a free certificate (as part of the activation process) for each domain name assigned to the site.

What technologies are used to build Treepl CMS?
Here are some technical insights on Treepl CMS from our developers:
  • .NET Framework 4.6.1
  • ASP .Net WEB API + MVC
  • Decentralized database (MS SQL Server 2017 or SQL Server Compact) and website instance
  • The admin is custom-built by Code Production using Angular 6 + Angular Material and works with the backend through RESTful API
  • Fastest Liquid library available on .Net is implemented for Ligquid engine
  • JSON query language is used to perform major module_data functionality
What's the difference between Basic Custom Modules and Advanced Custom Modules?

Advanced custom modules would allow 3 extra features:
a) Creating foreign items from other existing Custom Modules (couldn't do with webapps)
b) Ability to create multiple detail layouts for a single custom module (couldn't do with webapps)
c) Ability to create user submitted items (with notifications).

Am I be able to host sites on AU, EU, NZ etc. Data Centers?

Yes, currently there are three options: US, AU, EU. We plan to add more Data Centers as the Treepl Partner community grows.

Can I host sites on my own server?

No. All sites are supported and maintained by Code Production team.

Do you have Australian and European prices?

All prices are fixed in US dollars no matter of the Data Center you use.

What are the hosting prices?

We prefer to not show our hosting prices publicly since our business model is designed for resellers - Treepl Partners.
Treepl Partners are paid members of our community that actively participate in the development and growth of the platform by interacting with Treepl CMS team and other Partners.
Besides developing and hosting sites on Treepl CMS, Treepl Partners provide an extensive set of services for their end clients that are not included into CMS (SEO setup, SSL certificates, Google Analytics setup, email campaigns setup and management, maintenance, consulting and much more).
You can check out hosting prices exclusive for Treepl Partners here: Reseller Hosting Pricing.

What support will I get?

Starting August 1, 2018 Treepl CMS has 24/7 admin support and maintenance performed internally by Code Production server administration team.

Where are sites hosted?

At the moment, all of our sites are hosted on Amazon Web Services - a leading secure cloud services platform.

Can I migrate Muse sites to Treepl CMS?

Prices and plans presented on the Migration page only relate to sites that are developed on Business Catalyst.
Websites that are created with Adobe Muse cannot be migrated as is, since Muse sites are composed of software generated layouts with very few implementation.
Although, you can request development of such sites from scratch, that way we will use Adobe Muse layouts as initial designs and do the whole HTML/CSS and full stack implementation into Treepl CMS from scratch.

Can I migrate sites myself?

Absolutely. You would just need a blank instance that you can create yourself from your Partner Portal.

How long the migration would take?

Depending on the workload and the site complexity it will take us 1 to 10 business days to perform the migration.

What's the process of migrating email accounts?

Adobe Business Catalyst is using OpenSRS as a vendor to host email accounts. Treepl CMS is using the same vendor and our account is intentionally located on the same cluster's with BC's. This allows us perform seamless migrations of the accounts. It takes 10-15 minutes of your time to migrate email accounts associated to your single site from BC's account onto Treepl's account. Here is a detailed guide from our documentation: Transfer of BC Hosted Email Accounts (OpenSRS)

What's the process of migrating the site into Treepl CMS?

Submit a request for migration (it's free) and our team will contact you with more details.

Will you migrate with one click of a button?

We may eventually. Based on our current progress we are capable of automating the migration process by at least 50% of, that's why we migrate in 2 waves 50 sites (early adpoters) and then 1,000 sites (first wave of partners).

Can I create sites if I am not a Partner?

Unfortunately, at this point we made a tough decision that only Treepl Partners are getting access to v1 sites. We may consider giving trials to a wider number of partners, but right now our priority is handling migration of sites and delivering partner portals to newly-arrived Treepl Partners and Early Adopters.

What are the benefits of being a Partner?

You can learn about the benefits at Partner Program page.

Do you provide Partners with free website, commissions?

No. Instead we offer other benefits like unlimited trial sites, free SLL, etc.