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Treepl CMS is a result of joint efforts of experienced developers (Code Production) and successful entrepreneurs (former Adobe Business Catalyst Partners).

Founded in 2008 Code Production has successfully delivered more than 1,200 web projects of various complexity to their 285 clients located in Northern America, Australia and Europe, becoming a leading developer partner for Adobe Business Catalyst community. On March 26th, 2018 Adobe announced the EOL of Business Catalyst CMS which forced thousands of Business Catalyst Partners to find a new home for tens of thousands of their websites. After much research and analysis and not finding a worthy alternative, backed by several well-established Business Catalyst Partners, Code Production started creating their own platform that would serve the needs of their growing business. On July 17th version 1 of Treepl CMS was launched giving opportunity to every former Business Catalyst partner to get their clients businesses to the next level.

From day one Treepl CMS offers significant technological advantages to every website, newly developed or migrated from Business Catalyst.

Treepl CMS is an upgrade that is seamless both for former BC Partners and their end-clients.

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Custom Modules

These are Web Apps but with much more flexibility. Together with Liquid, Custom Modules empower you to build any custom dynamic content.

Hosted and managed

Utilizing Amazon Web Services, Treepl CMS is a hosted (SaaS) all-in-one solution supported by Code Production team. We provide FTP access and CMS-based file manager.


We are the only company who has truly delivered the Business Catalyst all-in-one vision that every Business Catalyst Partner has grown to rely on and provide to their clients.

With Treepl CMS You GEt

  • Seamless migration from BC

    We made sure that for you the migration will feel like arriving home after it's being remodeled.

  • Security and reliability

    Built on .Net platform with a decentralized database.
    Hosted on AWS - a leading secure cloud services platform. Supported and monitored 24/7 by Code Production team.

  • Transparent hosting plans

    We've packed every plan with an extensive feature set adding flexibility in limitations and overages, so you'd never feel like you are overpaying.

  • Full white labeling

    Only your branding and only under your domain, both on live and trial websites.

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