Our Core

OUR MISSION / Why do we exist

To build the most competitive web platform for our resellers.

our VISION / Where are we heading now

To deliver a total of 300 public backlog items (features and improvements requested by our resellers).

our promises / What can you expect

Best value for money

We constantly analyze the market and adjust our pricing to offer you the very best value-for-money solution.

Focus on community

Treepl’s most important client and guide is the Treepl’s community. Public backlog, Treepl Forum, and Treehouse meetings are the main tools and resources that help us remain intent with our community.

High-level involvement

We promise to involve our most-invested resellers in our decision-making process. From feature design and prioritization to market research.

Passion and independence

We are a privately held company which gives us a high level of freedom, flexibility, and control over our product.
Working on Treepl is our passion. Our rewards are in our profit and a thriving community.