Product Attributes Enhancements

  • Ecommerce

Product Attributes are super powerful and can allow for some complex product configurations. Below are some enhancements that could make them even more powerful and extend the ecommerce functionality.

1. Wholesaler Pricing:
So attribute prices can align to the main product Wholesaler pricing (existing Backlog Item exists - suggest combining:

2. Percentage based pricing:
So that the product attribute could be set to, say, 5% of the main product sell price. This could allow for more dynamic pricing models. Perhaps there is an option to fix the percentage rate to the sell price only, or to allow the percentage rate to be calculated from the product total - meaning if there were other attributes influencing the product price the percentage would calculate against that total.

3. Negative Pricing:
So that attributes can subtract from the product sell price. This would be good for cases where a particular attribute makes a product cheaper but isn’t desirable to have as the default base price or selected option initially.
Eg: a watch or piece of jewellery might come in a storage case by default and is the preferred sale choice, but the customer can choose to omit the case and the price would be reduced.
(would need to have some validation/adjustments in place so that negative attributes can only reduce a price to a minimum of zero and not a total negative price)

4. Independent Quantity Control:
So that attributes could have their own quantity inputs. Good for cases where an attribute does not necessarily increase along with the main product’s quantity and can be increased independently (affecting its own price and inventory control, if configured).
Eg: a chair with optional extra cushions - they might only purchase 1 chair but want 2 extra cushions. Also ideal for products with small accessories or customisations that can vary in quantity but aren’t necessarily sold as separate items.

5. Ignore Quantity, or “One-off”:
Similar to point 4 above, but this would just be a checkbox available to ANY attribute type that would stop it being multiplied (price and inventory) along with any increase/decrease in product quantity. So essentially it’s just a once-off attribute cost.
Eg: A setup fee for a customisable promotional item, where there might be several different setup fees but the actual product can be purchased in quantity but the setup fee is only applicable once for that product.

The more flexible and customisable the ecommerce solution is, the better it can compete with other solutions on the market and the more customers we can fit into the Treepl solution.

In summary:
Extend product attribute functionality with Customer/Wholesaler pricing pairs, Percentage based pricing, Negative pricing, Independent Quantity Control, and Ignore Quantity option.