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After creating your Gallery ‘group’ as normal, there is an additional import option in the ‘slides’ list view labelled “Import from Folder” and once clicked it gave the option to select or create a folder on the server (probably just bring up the File Manager). After selecting the folder the system basically constructs an import file in the background using all the detected ‘image’ files (.jpg, .gif, .png, etc…) in the chosen folder and “imports” it to create all the items into the gallery group (item names could be generated from the file name or just “Slide 1, Slide 2, etc…”). These can then be further edited individually as normal.

Additional images can simply be added from other folders using the same process, or you can manually add/edit/remove ones as well.

For updating a folder of images - say you add 10 more images to a previously imported folder - you could simply import the same folder but the system has created item IDs based on files existence on the server (perhaps based on date added or some other system identifier) so re-adding previously added images again wouldn’t affect anything (just like any current .xls import with items having the same IDs).

This idea of “importing” from a directory of files could also be extended to other modules and possibly other file types like documents for a ‘Media Download’ module (.pdf, .doc, .xls, etc…).



· Select folder and generate gallery from the image files in that specific folder
· A basic lightbox setup with the possibility of altering this, or add your own plugin
· Allow for adding attributes such as tags, titles, SEO tags and captions.
Basically if one for starters had a way to add a folder and all the files would be rendered, it would be possible to add the custom fields one would like, templates etc.

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