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Create Default JS Validation

We are open for discussion on this

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"FullName" Field In Forms

Ability to use 'FullName' field in forms that will split it's value on the server into "firstName" and "lastName" by space.
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Automatically Populate Reply Field In Workflows

Automatically populate the reply field with the submitter email address when replying to workflow notifications.
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Custom reCAPTCHA Key Setup

Ability to setup your own reCAPTCHA key to the particular site (in such way you will have all reCAPTHA statistics in google reCAPTCHA dashboard).
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  • Secure Zones
Improvement  2

Multiple Files Upload

The ability to upload multiple files into one input field, so it is possible for the user to do bulk upload to forms, Custom Modules input form etc.

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  • Custom Modules


Scheduled items are already planned for development and prioritized, therefore don’t require voting from Partners.