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CRM Search Bug

It seems the search functionality in the Treepl CRM > Contacts doesn’t work. It seems to have a bug where it only looks for the first letters of a name. It will not find any second names or anything unless you type in from the start of the name. It also does not search for email addresses which is strange.
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BUG: Adding Bullet Lists Content To WYSIWYG

Basically when you go to add a new bullet list, it completely messes up all previous “hard-coded” bullet lists.

Video explanation here >
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BUG: forloop.index Disrupted By Nested forloop

If there is a forloop nested within another forloop, the use of is blocked anywhere preceding the nested forloop.

eg; In BC the following code and output seems correct:

{% for i in (1..4) %} *{{forloop.index}}*
{% for x in (1..2) %} ^{{forloop.index}}^
{% endfor %} #{{forloop.index}}#
{% endfor %}

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