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Native Comments

Ability to add comments to modules of the site.
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Add Default Styling For Pagination

Currently pagination outputs raw unordered list.

Apply some default formatting to remove the bullets from the list and make it horizontal. Also by default it would be nice to truncate the pagination with “…” and show the last page if there are over 5 pages.

If we really want to get fancy we could make the default styling...

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Blog Default Template

In blog posts the system expects you to select a template and by default it sets this to that of the Blog. It would be great if there was an option of say "Blog default" so if you ever change the template for the Blog, all posts are subsequently updated also.

When creating the post you can leave it...
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Improvement  2

RSS Feeds For Blogs And Web Apps

Ability to enable RSS Feeds for Blogs and Custom modules, but syndicating all posts/items so customers can view these feeds or we can create Feedburner accounts to add podcasts to iTunes.

The ability to have unlimited items populated in the RSS feed. Currently the BC feeder only allows for 100.

Create a new standard Module like Blogs, Events, etc to create RSS Feeds.


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Improvement  1

Blog Module Sorting

The ability to sort by Release date etc. in the Blog Module so it works just like the active list view mode in Custom Modules.
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Scheduled items are already planned for development and prioritized, therefore don’t require voting from Partners.