Solar is built to increase site users' engagement and make the site suitable for any niche market.
The site is constantly keeping the user’s attention and prompts him to take action on each step of the site. It is stacked with various forms, call-2-action buttons, banners, etc. The template also features a portfolio, our team and testimonials pages that each business is ought to have, no matter how niche the market is.
Solar template could be used by a startup, any small and medium business, as well as for any niche market or specific industry. And its simple structure and elegant design make it perfect for redesign and replication for a big number of sites.

Browsers compatibility

Edge 18+, Firefox 64+, Google Chrome 71+, Safari 12+

Fonts used

  • OpenSans (Google font)
  • Montserrat (Google font)
  • Font Awesome 5 for icons

Modules and functionality

  • ~30 layouts
  • 2 blog lists + detail layout
  • Testimonials module
  • 5 x photo galleries
  • 4 x modules list + detail layouts
  • nICE Compatibility
  • Easy customize with scss
  • Added the categories, archives and tags on the blog.

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Security and reliability
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