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Treepl CMS walkthrough and BC comparison. Everything you need to know in one comprehensive video ➞

At this late stage of the BC End-Of-Life you’re really going to want a comparative solution to BC. One that you can move your BC sites to without too much re-engineering, as well as a familiar space for building new sites.

Migrations need to be cost effective for you and time efficient and Treepl CMS is as familiar, and feature like, as you are going to get.

It was built with BC’s best aspects in mind.

BC to treepl App

“BC to Treepl” app will perform at least 80% of the manual work saving hundreds of hours of your time.
Migrating a site with “BC to Treepl” app is free. The migration rates below apply only when you decide to go live on Treepl.


Just export

( more details )


One-click migration (import+export+conversion)


One-click migration (import+export+conversion)


One-click migration (import+export+conversion)


One-click migration (import+export+conversion)

Content items Pages, blog posts, news posts, events, templates, products, catalogs, gift vouchers, discount codes, shipping options and taxes.
0 - 200
200 - 600
600 - 1,200
Web forms
0 - 5
5 - 10
10 - 15
URL redirects
0 - 100
100 - 500
500 - 1,000
Secure zones
Web Apps All Web App items are included
0 - 5
5 - 15
Web App's custom fields Including data source fields
0 - 25
25 - 100
Photo galleries
0 - 10
10 - 25
25 - 50
Media downloads
0 - 50
50 - 100
100 - 200
CRM items Customers and cases
0 - 1,000
1,000 - 5,000
5,000 - 10,000
0 - 10
10 - 30
30 - 100

* All pricing is in USD

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  • Conversion All BC and Liquid tags into Treepl's Liquid tags
  • All content holders
  • All workflows
  • All dynamic menus
  • All FAQ's
  • System emails Converted into Treepl's format
  • All FTP files and folders
  • Ad rotators
  • System pages Converted into Treepl's format

The app assesses your site and picks the right level, meaning you don’t have to calculate it manually.

install "BC to Treepl" App

Upon click you will be asked to login into your BC site's admin to install the app.

Works best in Chrome browser. Current version:  

Adele Taylor

I’ve been using the BC to Treepl app to migrate all my business catalyst sites to Treepl CMS with ease and much success! It removes a lot of tedious, repetitive work associated with migrations and I can’t tell you how much time it has saved me by using the App. If you haven’t tried the App … I recommend you give it a go! It’s easy to install and easy to use. Most importantly, the results are impressive!

Craig Rogers

As a BC partner for over 10 years the prospect of migrating some 30 sites was daunting to say the least. I’ve looked at each of the alternatives and have found Treepl’s ‘BC to Treepl’ app far and away the easiest, most thoroughly complete, value for money method available. And for anything it can’t do, Treepl support are there to help you out - it honestly feels like you have an extra member of the team there when you’re stuck. I highly recommend you consider using the ‘BC to Treepl’ app and support team in moving your sites off BC.

Jason Dunlap

The “BC to Treepl” app helped me estimate the cost of the migrations ahead of time so I could build accurate estimates for my clients. And being able to select only the components I wanted to migrate was very important to me. Once I was ready to go, it was as simple as clicking a button and letting it run. This app has saved me hundreds of hours of work!

Ryan Given

Treepl CMS developed a migration tool that made migration almost completely seamless, even for the most complex of sites. I have migrated all clients from Adobe Business Catalyst with relative ease using the Treepl CMS migration tool. The migration tool did 99% of the work automatically, which saved my company and my clients potentially thousands of dollars and made the possibility of migrating all 50+ of my websites a reality given my capacity and the tight timeline. I highly recommend the Treepl CMS migration tool and platform and I'm excited about the future of their content management system.

Thomas von Miller

The „BC to Treepl'' app is a fantastic tool - easy and straightforward! From simple to complex websites the migration results are amazing and it’s easy to identify and correct any issues. With a few tweaks and modifications you can get a perfect mirrored site that looks and behaves identically to the original BC site. And if you get stuck with any issues left open: Treepl‘s custom migration service is always there to help.

Book a demo with existing user

These Treepl Partners and Agencies (all former BC partners) have offered up their time to give prospects, or new partners, a one-on-one demo of the Treepl CMS platform and can help answer any questions you may have

Andy Mundell
Andy Mundell
David Morgan
David Morgan
Erik Rathmayr
Erik Rathmayr
Flux Creative
Jason Dunlap
Jason Dunlap
Dunlap Design
Peter Schmidt
Peter Schmidt
Genie Corp.
Ryan Given
Ryan Given
Studio RTP
Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson
Graphite Web Solutions
Tim Lochmüller
Tim Lochmüller

Recently migrated

CMS Web Design Showcase


Created from scratch
  • Custom modules
  • CRM
  • Events
  • Multiple forms
CMS Web Design Showcase

North Projects
  • Custom modules
  • CRM
  • Custom workflows
  • Multiple forms
CMS Web Design Showcase


Created from scratch
  • Custom modules
  • CRM
  • Multiple forms

Try it now! It`s easy

Migrate a site in 3 simple steps.

Free app Install

Install "BC to Treepl" app onto your Business Catalyst website right from our website. It will instantly appear in your BC's admin.

Register with Treepl

Get instant access to Treepl Portal and create new blank trial site. 

start Migration

Enter your Treepl Portal credentials and trial site URL in the "BC to Treepl" app and hit "Start Migration or "Calculate Cost" if you're looking for quote only.

Email Accounts migration

Migrate your Email accounts quickly and securely with no need for customer passwords, webmail logins or setting up mail server details. Simply submit a support request to Adobe, send a copy of the approved request to Treepl & OpenSRS and the rest is done for you! See our email migration documentation for full details.

  • No data transfering

  • All process up to 15 minutes

  • Same provider as in Business Catalyst

  • Upgrade options

Pricing for resellers

We've packed every plan with an extensive feature set adding flexibility for upgrades and overages.

pricing plans

"BC to Treepl APP" Roadmap

Roadmap now complete! You can share your ideas and migration progress with "BC to Treepl" app here

June, 2019 (v1-v6)

site-wide modules

  • Default photo galleries > Responsive Galleries/Sliders
  • URL redirects
  • Site-wide categories
  • Media Downloads > “Media Downloads” custom module including all assigned categories, files and layout
  • Templates > Content templates
  • Content holders > Snippets
  • Blogs (including posts, SEO data, tags, authors, categories, assigned layouts and release dates)
  • Web pages > Pages (including page names, folders, content, meta title and meta description)
  • Web Apps (layouts+items+settings(data source)) > Custom Modules
  • Files on FTP > File Manager
September, 2019 (v7)


  • File system
  • Web forms > Forms
  • Dynamic Menus > Menus
  • BC/Liquid tags > Treepl Liquid tags
  • CRM booking subscriptions
  • Events (with default responsive calendar)
  • FAQs
  • Secure Zones
  • News > Separate Blog
  • Ad Rotators > Banners
  • Workflows
November, 2019 (v8)


  • BC system emails > Treepl system emails
  • BC system pages > Treepl system pages
  • CRM cases > Form submissions
  • CRM contacts
May, 2020 (v9)

Ecommerce +

  • Catalogs
  • Discount codes
  • Gift vouchers
  • Products
  • Shipping options
  • Tax codes
install "BC to Treepl" App

Works best in Chrome browser. Current version:  

Need developers` Help?

Hire our in-house experts for all of you migration and development needs.

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What you get

Here is what's going to change for you and your clients

Remains the same
Back END
Minor learning curve for your client
Custom Modules (Web Apps)
Menu builder
FTP + File Manager
Web Forms builder
Visual in-context editor (nICE) in every plan
Responsive admin
Google Analytics integrated
Built-in AMP
Extra SEO tools

Treepl CMS vs Business Catalyst complete feature by feature comparison chart here

Community first

For Business Catalyst partners looking for an all in one CMS to migrate your sites to, you will love our growing community. Treepl has an active Facebook Group and Partners/Agencies host monthly online meetups called ‘Treehouse’ meetings to discuss all things Treepl.

Our advanced Forum Support Centre gives you direct access to Treepl developers and template designers, where you can discuss feature requests, troubleshooting or plans for upcoming System releases . We also encourage Treepl Partners and Agencies to vote on upcoming CMS developments, taking an active role in the growth of the platform.

Become a free partner today and enjoy all the features that Treepl CMS and the Treepl Community has to offer.

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