business catalyst Migration

Free "BC to Treepl" app for migrating and converting your modules and module items. Extensive FTP access for transferring and managing all of your files.

"Bc To Treepl" APP

Treepl CMS make Abobe Business Catalyst site migrations easy with the free ‘BC to Treepl’ App.

Simply install the "BC to Treepl" App onto your customers’ website, add your Treepl credentials and choose the items you want to migrate from BC. Then with the click of a button your content is pushed from BC to Treepl, ready for you to access on your new Treepl site. It’s that easy:

Signup as a Partner

Start with Free Partner access and create a new site in your Portal

Free BC App

No subscriptions or setup fees, simply install the app onto your BC website

Automatic Migration

Select modules to migrate, add Partner credentials and hit "Migrate"


If you prefer to migrate your Business Catalyst site content manually we provide extensive FTP access to your trial site including:

  • Pages
  • Menus
  • Content Templates
  • Snippets (Content Holders)
  • Web forms (!)
  • Blogs + Blog Posts
  • Events and Event Groups
  • Banners (Ad Rotators)
  • Galleries/Sliders (Photo Galleries)
  • Authors
  • FAQ's
  • Custom Modules (Web Apps)
  • Workflow Emails
  • System Emails
  • Email Templates
  • System Pages

Email Accounts migration

Migrate your Email accounts quickly and securely with no need for customer passwords, webmail logins or setting up mail server details. Simply submit a support request to Adobe, send a copy of the approved request to Treepl & OpenSRS and the rest is done for you! See our email migration documentation for full details.

  • No data transfering

  • All process up to 15 minutes

  • Same provider as in Business Catalyst

  • Upgrade options

Community first

For Business Catalyst partners looking for an all in one CMS to migrate your sites to, you will love our growing Treepl Partner Community. Treepl has an active Facebook Group and Partners host monthly online meetups called ‘Treehouse’ meetings to discuss all things Treepl.

Our advanced Forum Support Center gives you direct access to Treepl developers and template designers, where you can discuss feature requests, troubleshooting or plans for upcoming System releases . We also encourage Treepl Partners to vote on upcoming CMS developments, taking an active role in the growth of the platform.

Become a free partner today and enjoy all the features that Treepl CMS and the Treepl Partner Community has to offer.

Get started

What you get

Here is what's going to change for you and your clients

Remains the same
Back END
Minor learning curve for your client
Custom Modules (Web Apps)
Menu builder
File Manager
Web Forms builder
Visual in-context editor (nICE) in every plan
Blazing fast responsive admin
Google Analytics integrated
Built-in AMP
Extra SEO tools

Treepl CMS vs Business Catalyst complete feature by feature comparison chart is available here

Recently migrated from Business Catalyst

CMS Web Design Showcase

Danske Pejsebutikkers Brancheforening

Created from scratch
  • Custom modules
  • CRM
  • Multiple forms
CMS Web Design Showcase

KRW Finance

Created from scratch
  • Blog
  • CRM
  • Multiple forms
CMS Web Design Showcase


Created from scratch
  • Custom modules
  • Events
  • Multiple forms

Need developers` Help?

Hire Code Production for all of you migration and development needs!

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business catalyst to Treepl CMS Migration FAQ`s

How do I migrate my email accounts?

Adobe Business Catalyst is using OpenSRS as a vendor to host email accounts. Treepl CMS is using the same vendor and our account is intentionally located on the same cluster's with BC's. This allows us perform seamless migrations of the accounts. It takes 10-15 minutes of your time to migrate email accounts associated to your single site from BC's account onto Treepl's account. Here is a detailed guide from our documentation: Transfer of BC Hosted Email Accounts (OpenSRS)

Can I migrate a website myself?

Absolutely. Simply follow these 3 easy steps:
1. Get access to your Treepl's partner portal. It's available for free on our partner program page
2. Create a trial site in Treepl's partner portal the same way you did with BC
3. Go to BC App Store and download the "BC to Treepl" app to the BC site you're about to migrate
That's it! If you require any development help, you can request it at any time from Code Production

Can I have you migrate the site for me?

Yes. You can always request migration of your Business Catalyst website to Treepl CMS through Code Production: BC to Treepl CMS. FYI, getting quote from Code Production is free.

Can I migrate Adobe Muse sites to Treepl CMS?
Websites that are created with Adobe Muse cannot be migrated as is, since Muse sites are composed of software generated layouts with very few implementation... but you can always try :) If you wish to keep the look of the Muse site you can request redevelopment of your Muse site from scratch from Code Production.
Code Production team will simply use the Adobe Muse layouts as initial designs and do the whole HTML/CSS and full stack implementation into Treepl CMS from scratch.

Do I need to be a paid Treepl Partner in order to migrate to Treepl CMS?
Nope. Free users have full FTP access to every trial or live site created in their partner portal.
Also, there are no restrictions on using the "BC to Treepl" app.
Is there any documentation available to help me with migration from BC to Treepl?

We have an extensive "BC Migration Guides" section available in our official documentation that was created to help Business Catalyst partners with their Business Catalyst to Treepl CMS migration: