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"BC to Treepl" app offers true one-click migration that will save you hundreds of hours of work!

install "BC to Treepl" App

Upon click you will be asked to login into your BC site's admin to install the app.

Works best in Chrome browser. Current version:  

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The whole process takes 3 easy steps:

Free app Install

Install "BC to Treepl" app onto your Business Catalyst website right from our website. It will instantly appear in your BC's admin.

Register with Treepl

Get instant access to Treepl Portal and create new blank trial site. 

start Migration

Enter your Treepl Portal credentials and trial site URL in the "BC to Treepl"  app and hit "Start Migration"

Email Accounts migration

Migrate your Email accounts quickly and securely with no need for customer passwords, webmail logins or setting up mail server details. Simply submit a support request to Adobe, send a copy of the approved request to Treepl & OpenSRS and the rest is done for you! See our email migration documentation for full details.

  • No data transfering

  • All process up to 15 minutes

  • Same provider as in Business Catalyst

  • Upgrade options

Aaron Macdonald
We are extremely pleased to be using Treepl CMS for our preferred Content Management Solution. The platform is so customizable and allows our team to pretty much create anything for our clients. We love that it is using a modern, future proof back end architecture with the emphasis on clean, semantic code. We honestly could go on and on about how amazing this platform is. What is even more awesome is how the platform is “community-driven” and how partners such as ourselves have a voice in the building of the Treepl platform. The Support and Custom Service from the Treepl team has been beyond amazing and it is nice to talk to a real person with real B2B and B2C knowledge. We definitely feel proud showing our white-labeled Treepl CMS platform to our client, and they love the capabilities and the ease of use of the platform, especially the nICE editor. Definitely recommend Treepl to any full-stack or digital design agency!
Coming from Adobe Business Catalyst I found Treepl CMS familiar enough to get started quickly without having to learn a new way of building websites. My workflow could remain the same and my pricing and marketing strategies mostly unaffected. I now have the confidence of a BC replacement that will match, and greatly exceed, the functionalities I require and had become used to without having to overhaul my business or skill set. On top of this, being part of the Treepl community means you'll have a voice that is heard, giving you the opportunity to help shape the future you're investing your business in. If you liked BC, you'll love Treepl CMS!
Andy Mundell
Treepl CMS is the right solution. Having the flexibility to create powerful, custom functions and online experiences for our clients on a secure, maintenance-free platform provides the best of both worlds. All the advantages of a robust SaaS environment without the usual niche limitations. Allowing advanced solutions to be created but without the endless versioning hassles and hacking vulnerabilities that plague open source solutions like WordPress. The very reasons that attracted us to Adobe BC after years of WordPress development are the same reasons why partnering with Treepl is the right decision for us and for our clients.
The team at Treepl have done a superb job in creating a CMS platform that offers all the features of our OLD BC platform plus so much more in such a better way. We now have better control over what is delivered in the website and how it is presented with far better control over the key issues of SEO, site speed and flexibility. Best of all, the experience for the end users both new and old is simple yet so much more friendly, particularly with editing content through the nICE Editor.
Katherine Anderson
We are excited to partner with such an easy to use, SEO friendly, all-in-one alternative to Business Catalyst for our clients. We love being able to contact Treepl developers directly and the constant updates and improvements are value-adding and future-proofing our clients businesses. The growing Partner Community has also been invaluable, supporting and assisting with implementations, functionality and workarounds. Moving forward we hope to grow our business and customer-base further and promote Treepl as our new CMS of choice.
Lyn Punshon
Having been involved with Alex and the team from the very beginning of the Treepl idea, I am excited to see it being implemented and continually developed. I am in the process of moving 40 > 50 of my customers sites to Treepl, and those that are already their are loving the ease of use and functionality of the platform. We consider the Treepl team as part of our Beatwave team and appreciate the support they give us and our clients.
Peter Medbury
Working with Treepl CMS is a rewarding experience. Treelp CMS is a rapidly evolving Business Catalyst replacement that has met or exceeded my expectations at every step. Treepl is easier to use and more powerful than Business Catalyst. Migrating from Business Catalyst to Treepl is straight forward, even done manually. The BC to Treepl App makes it even easier. With a clear roadmap, a well thought out partner influenced development plan, top support, documentation, a supportive and helpful partner community, Treepl CMS is just what I was looking for.
Peter Schmidt
We have been a Adobe Business Catalyst Partner for 9+ years and the transition to Treepl CMS has been flawless. The team at Treepl have managed to build a fantastic CMS in record time, that already now easily outperforms Adobe Business Catalyst. The restrictions and limitations from Adobe Business Catalyst is now gone with the migration to Treepl CMS. We have been blown away by what these guys have achieved so far and it has been an amazing experience to be a part of. Coming from BC, it is mind-blowing to see new features and improvements every few weeks. For us Treepl CMS is the ultimate alternative to Adobe Business Catalyst.
Ryan Given
I have several websites that are currently being migrated from Adobe BC to Treepl CMS and the process has gone very smoothly. I'm extremely happy with the final results, the attention to detail, and the response time from support. At a time when earning trust is critical for my company and the platform in general, the Treepl team came through shining. I'm stoked to get the rest of my Adobe BC clients migrated over and to continue to develop new projects on the Treepl CMS platform. Great work Treepl People!

Pricing for resellers

We've packed every plan with an extensive feature set adding flexibility for upgrades and overages.!

pricing plans

"BC to Treepl APP" Roadmap

What's planned, what's ready and what we are working on. You can share your ideas and progress with "BC to Treepl" app here

June, 2019 (v1-v6)

site-wide modules

  • Default photo galleries > Responsive Galleries/Sliders
  • URL redirects
  • Site-wide categories
  • Media Downloads > “Media Downloads” custom module including all assigned categories, files and layout
  • Templates > Content templates
  • Content holders > Snippets
  • Blogs (including posts, SEO data, tags, authors, categories, assigned layouts and release dates)
  • Web pages > Pages (including page names, folders, content, meta title and meta description)
  • Web Apps (layouts+items+settings(data source)) > Custom Modules
  • Files on FTP > File Manager
September, 2019 (v7)


  • File system
  • Web forms > Forms
  • Dynamic Menus > Menus
  • BC/Liquid tags > Treepl Liquid tags
  • CRM booking subscriptions
  • Events (with default responsive calendar)
  • FAQs
  • Secure Zones
  • News > Separate Blog
  • Ad Rotators > Banners
  • Workflows
October, 2019 (v8)


  • BC system emails > Treepl system emails
  • BC system pages > Treepl system pages
  • CRM cases > Form submissions
  • CRM contacts
December, 2019 (v9)


  • Catalogs
  • CRM orders
  • Discount codes
  • Email Campaigns
  • Gift vouchers
  • Mailing Lists
  • Products
  • Shipping options
  • Tax codes
install "BC to Treepl" App

Works best in Chrome browser. Current version:  

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Hire Code Production for all of you migration and development needs!

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Recently migrated

CMS Web Design Showcase

Dr. med. Ulrich Faber

Created from scratch
  • Custom modules
  • CRM
CMS Web Design Showcase

TrendLine Saskatchewan

Created from scratch
  • Custom modules
  • Custom workflows
  • Multiple forms
CMS Web Design Showcase


Created from scratch
  • Custom modules
  • Custom workflows

Community first

For Business Catalyst partners looking for an all in one CMS to migrate your sites to, you will love our growing Treepl Partner Community. Treepl has an active Facebook Group and Partners host monthly online meetups called ‘Treehouse’ meetings to discuss all things Treepl.

Our advanced Forum Support Centre gives you direct access to Treepl developers and template designers, where you can discuss feature requests, troubleshooting or plans for upcoming System releases . We also encourage Treepl Partners to vote on upcoming CMS developments, taking an active role in the growth of the platform.

Become a free partner today and enjoy all the features that Treepl CMS and the Treepl Partner Community has to offer.

become a partner

What you get

Here is what's going to change for you and your clients

Remains the same
Back END
Minor learning curve for your client
Custom Modules (Web Apps)
Menu builder
File Manager
Web Forms builder
Visual in-context editor (nICE) in every plan
Blazing fast responsive admin
Google Analytics integrated
Built-in AMP
Extra SEO tools

Treepl CMS vs Business Catalyst complete feature by feature comparison chart here

business catalyst to Treepl CMS Migration FAQ`s

Is the ‘BC to Treepl’ App and migrations free?

The app is free to install and you can complete the migration of your BC site to Treepl CMS completely free of charge where you can review, test and even continue to develop the new site on Treepl. Only once you are happy with the migration and decide to go-live with the migrated site will you pay for migration. The costs are calculated by the app, based on site complexity, after it has processed and converted the site data. Estimated costs would start at around $200 (USD) and average around $800 (USD) for a typical BC site.

What are the steps to migrate a BC site to Treepl?

Here is a quick video that describes the whole migration process: "BC to Treepl" app in action
It requires 3 easy steps and takes less than 5 minutes:
1. Create a new trial site in Treepl Portal (the same way you did in BC)
2. Install the latest version of "BC to Treepl" app onto your BC site
3. Enter your Treepl Portal credentials with a URL of your newly created trial site and hit "Start Migration".

Do I need to be a paid Treepl Partner in order to migrate to Treepl CMS?
Nope. Free users have full admin and FTP access to every trial or live site created in their Treepl Portal.
Also, there are no restrictions on using the "BC to Treepl" app.
Do my clients see the cost of migration to Treepl?

No. We intentionally display the cost inside Treepl Portal only.

How many sites can I migrate to Treepl?

We allow up to 5 unpaid migrated sites in Treepl Portal

Does "BC to Treepl" app perform 100% of transfer/conversion of the site?

Based on our analysis of BC sites that were migrated and activated on Treepl (already live), the app performs 75%-95% of manual work (depending on the complexity of implementation).

Can I have your team deliver migration of my sites to Treepl?

Yes. You can always request migration of your Business Catalyst websites through Code Production: BC to Treepl CMS (getting quote from Code Production is free).

How do I migrate my email accounts?

Adobe Business Catalyst is using OpenSRS as a vendor to host email accounts. Treepl CMS is using the same vendor and our account is intentionally located on the same cluster with BC's. This allows us to perform seamless migrations of the accounts. It takes 10-15 minutes of your time to start the email account migration process from BC's account onto Treepl's account. Here is a detailed guide from our documentation: Transfer of BC Hosted Email Accounts (OpenSRS)

Is there any documentation available to help me with migration from BC to Treepl?

We have an extensive "BC Migration Guides" section available in our official documentation that was created to help Business Catalyst partners with their Business Catalyst to Treepl CMS migration:

Can I migrate Adobe Muse sites to Treepl?
Websites that are created with Adobe Muse cannot be migrated as is, since Muse sites are composed of software generated layouts with very few implementation... but you can always try :) If you wish to keep the look of the Muse site you can request redevelopment of your Muse site from scratch from  Code Production.
Code Production team will simply use the Adobe Muse layouts as initial designs and do the whole HTML/CSS and full stack implementation into Treepl CMS from scratch.