Migration Calculator

Get instant cost on migrating your website from Business Catalyst into Treepl CMS

  • Content and Modules

    Fill out the fields below. You may want to login into your BC's admin to get the numbers right:

  • Custom Implementation

    Was there any custom development performed on the site?

  • Emails

    Indicate if there are email accounts hosted with BC that require migration:

  • CRM

    Starting November 28, Treepl CMS will offer an import tool for seamlessly importing your CRM data (contacts and form submissions) from BC into Treepl's CRM. Import of booking records and orders are coming soon.

  • Business Catalyst Apps

    While we are considering launching our own app store, below is a list of 10 most popular apps in the BC App Store and current "migration status" for each of the apps:

    • Backup BC (coming soon as an add-on)
    • Solid Meta Tags (built-in already)
    • Social Media Feed (coming soon as an add-on)
    • Solid Admin Menu (coming soon as built-in feature)
    • Foundation 6 Builder
    • Homepage slider
    • Landing Page Builder (not relevant with upcoming templates and nICE editor)
    • Photo Album Pro (most of functionality will be available in the upcoming "Galleries" module)
    • Solid Company Settings (coming soon as built-in feature)
    • Email Marketing Template Pack (coming soon as an add-on)
  • Coming soon features and functionality

    Here is a list of features that are still in development but would also be added to the migration calculator soon:

    • Email campaigns
    • Mailing lists
    • Custom reports
    • Events
    • Booking records (CRM)
    • Payable events, items
    • eCommerce (Products, Catalogs, Discounts, Taxes, Shipping, Gift vouchers, Related products, Abandoned cart)
    • API integrations

things to know

  • If you’re a Business Catalyst Partner, we only require Administration Access to a site to migrate the content.
  • Once a site has been transferred, like in Business Catalyst you can upgrade or downgrade Hosting Plans if your needs change and with fortnightly system updates you will be future proofing your website infrastructure.
  • We recommend prior to your Business Catalyst Migration that you install Google Analytics on your current website, so you can take advantage of having an industry standard reporting and analytics system integrated directly into your website. Then easily view statistics like Audience Overview, Top Page Views, Referral Channels, Top Devices and Geographic User Location straight from the Treepl CMS admin console.