New "Art Gallery" template and preview of upcoming templates

By Michael Sokolov

Introducing "Art Gallery"

Our newly developed Foundation 6.5.3, WCAG 2.1 compliant template is here offering events, galleries, blog, well-thought-out navigation and much more.

Changes to our FREE BUILT-IN TEMPLATES page

All of the Treepl templates are now presented in the following two categories:
- Available - templates that are available now to all Treepl users from the Treepl Portal.
- Coming soon - templates that we are currently working on but you can preview the designs of each of them already.
As we progress, we will be adding more info for each of the upcoming templates.

We have revamped the "Details" layout of every templates as well for better navigation and ergonomics.

You're welcome to post your feedback and comments to every template (new and available) here on our website, Treepl forum and Slack.

Michael Sokolov

Michael Sokolov

Here at Treepl, me and my team designs, develops and updates all of the Treepl's free templates. You can send your feedback/ideas/questions to my email or Facebook. For Treepl partners we have a separate #templates channel where we discuss new designs, frameworks, ideas, challenges etc.