Updated Ecommerce Release Schedule

By Violetta Smirnova
Updated Ecommerce Release Schedule Ecommerce brings many changes to existing modules that are widely used on existing trial and live sites (events, custom modules, URL management etc.).

In order to avoid instability we will be releasing ecommerce in stages to make sure it doesn’t effect any of the existing sites:
Dec 26th (v4.13) - ecommerce alpha (new sites from a special “Blank (ecommerce alpha)” instance only)
January 29th (v4.14) - ecommerce beta (new sites + existing trial sites)
February 19th (v5.0) - full release of ecommerce to all trial and live sites & assigned documents to secure zone
March 11 (v5.1) - eWay and PayPal to all trial and live sites + new ecommerce template
End of March - Migration of ecommerce sites with “BC to Treepl” app

Performance updates will get released starting Monday, December 20th (v4.12).
Violetta Smirnova

Violetta Smirnova

I am a partner coordinator and customer service manager here at Treepl.