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A few minor adjustment requests for Site Information module:

dateTime field is still just a Date field. Is it possible to update this to select Time as well (as per dateTime field update throughout the rest of the admin)

When setting an Alias (particularly a ‘Short Alias’) there is a validation that runs to check for conflicting names. However, this seems to look at ALL properties in ALL groups, not just the group you are in, which starts to make it harder to set up short aliases. For example: In a group called ‘Company Info’ with a property of ‘Licence’ you might have Short Alias of {{}} Then in another group called ‘Company Branding’ with a property of ‘Logo’ you might want Short Alias of {{si.cb.l}} . But the validation only checks against the last Liquid reference of l (which conflicts) rather than the whole path (which is unique).

The textarea field type is labelled as Text (Multiple), but I think it should be Text (Multiline).

While I’m here, may as well request all other field types be added :slight_smile: ie: Checkbox, Dropdown, Listbox, Radio, and Boolean.

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