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Ability to add comments to modules of the site.

Comments Zapier integration:

  • New Comment
  • Updated Comment
  • Create new comment
  • Update comment
  • Find Comment

Some features for comments:

  • Comments may be threaded (i.e. commenters have the ability to respond to existing comments) or flat (a chronological listing of comments).
  • We should have the ability natively to emphasize the module item’s author comments.
  • Ability to paginate comments
  • Ability to link to an individual comment
  • Pull in a profile picture from a logged in user comment
  • Ability to assign a moderator to comments. Moderator would recieve a notification of new comment and have the ability to approve or deny comments.
  • Ability to mark comment links as “no-follow” for SEO reasons
  • Have some anti spam method for filtering spam comments such as having a captcha on the comment form or maybe something like this or maybe askimet integration or maybe one of the alternatives mentioned in this post
  • optional: add ability to track comment likes/thumbs up and allow comments to be sorted by likes, add ability for comments to be pinned/starred by the moderator and allow pinned comments to stick to the top of the comment section
    -optional - ability for other commenters to report a comment or downvote a comment (for self moderation purposes) and ideally we could filter comments by downvotes, and hide comments that have been reported after a certain number of reports and send them to the moderator for review.
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