Zapier Integration

  • Add-ons

Zapier integration to handle the connection between Treepl CMS and apps that Zappier supports.
Support of the following Zapier integrations:

Triggers (should be performed by Treepl once appropriate action is made in the CMS):

  • New Module Item
  • Updated Module Item
  • New CRM Member
  • Updated CRM Member
  • New CRM Form Submission
  • Updated CRM Form Submission
  • New CRM Booking Subscription
  • Updated CRM Booking Subscription
  • New Order
  • Updated Order
  • New Gift Voucher
  • Updated Gift Voucher
  • Triggered Workflow


  • Create Module Item
  • Update Module Item
  • Create CRM Member
  • Update CRM Member
  • Create CRM Form Submission
  • Update CRM Form Submission
  • Create CRM Booking Subscription
  • Update CRM Booking Subscription
  • Create Order
  • Update Order
  • Create Gift Voucher
  • Update Gift Voucher
  • Send Workflow


  • Find Module Item
  • Find CRM Member
  • Find CRM Form Submission
  • Find CRM Booking Subscription
  • Find Order
  • Find Gift Voucher
  • Find Workflow