Upcoming / nICE v2.0

New Feature  2

nICE v2.0: Change Images

The ability to change images.

  • nICE v2.0
New Feature  2

nICE v2.0: New HTML Elements

The ability to create new HTML elements while editing in nICE - such as new paragraphs as opposed to just a <br>?
Or even duplicate an element, or group of elements (<div>), and reorder them, etc.

  • nICE v2.0
New Feature  0

nICE v2.0: Options/Parameters To Exclude Certain Areas

The ability to exclude certain areas from being editable.
Or to make areas that currently aren’t active, editable.

In BC we could apply: <div ice:editable=" line | multiline | image | link | html"> Specific docs on this are here: https://docs.worldsecuresystems.com/user-manual/site-design/the-incontext-editor/working-with-the-incontext-editor#region-types

In addition, the `HTML` option had further controls to what WYSIWYG options were available to...
  • nICE v2.0