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New Feature  4

Eway & Paypal Standard Payment Gateways

Now that we can add a form to a website to take payments, we need to look at getting some more payment gateways available so that clients can be migrated.
The ability to add eWay (seamless), Paypal Standard (non seamless) and PayPal PayFlow (seamless).

Added: Afterpay could also be an option
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New Feature  2

Offline Payments

The ability to do offline payments.

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New Feature  2

Quickbooks Integration Once eCommerce Is Ready

The ability to integrate with Version 5 if at all possible.

Two types of integration that we will need to be aware of:

· Quickbooks sync for each order (pretty standard)
· Quickbooks sync by daily / weekly / monthly batch orders (combining all orders into one for one batch push/sync).
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Scheduled items are already planned for development and prioritized, therefore don’t require voting from Partners.

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New Feature

Ecommerce Integration With Mailchimp

The ability to let Mailchimp handle all the order notifications and the design of emails from there. So Confirmation, Invoice, Shipping confirmation, Refund Confirmation and Cancellation Confirmation gets done from there. Also the abandoned cart emails are in there.

The ability to disable this, in the case one would not want to use Mailchimp.
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