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Custom Liquid Filter: "wrap_if"

Request for a custom liquid filter that appends/prepends strings (or variables) only if the target object is not null or empty. This will be useful when we have properties/values we want to conditionally output within it's own HTML structure only when it is present (which is a common task).
For example, in Menu layouts we only want to render a...
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New Feature  1

Liquid Parser Inside Text Based Files

Liquid (and module rendering) inside other text based files such as .css, .js, .xml, .json, .txt, etc.
Add ".liquid" suffix to the file URL to force it to be processed by the liquid engine.


In order to parse file by liquid first use such link:
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Improvement  3

Add “Country Code”, “City” And “Province/State” To Request Params

The ability to see “Country Code”, “City” and “Province/State” in the {{request}} parameters.
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Liquid Tag Insertion, Copying and Displaying

Module > Layouts > Properties (aka Toolbox)

Ability to:

  • Copy liquid tag
  • Insert liquid tag into last cursor position inside the layout
  • See Liquid tag in a plain view next to the property name for easy reference
  • UI/UX
  • Custom Modules
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Improvement  0

Liquid: All Variables Visible From Template To Module Item Nested

The ability to pass down variables/liquid collections from templates to pages.

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Make {{this.isHome}} Accessible On Template Level

The liquid property to show if a page/item is marked as the site Home page {{this.isHome}} is not accessible in the template level - only on the page/item detail level. This makes it pretty much unusable as it’s typical use would be needed in a template. Is it possible to have this passed to the {{this}} object at the template...
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Improvement  0

{{order}} Object To Be Generally Available

Currently, the Liquid {{order}} object is accessible only in the system Invoice layout.

If possible, requesting this be made generally available - the same as the other form submission related objects: {{formSubmissionData}}, {{workflow}} and {{member}}.

ie: in the forms autoresponder fields, workflow notification email fields and the forms JSON response/confirmation page (system or custom page).
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Improvement  0

Live Site URL Parameter

{{site.url}} which will always output the current site hostname - i.e. when in Trial site it shows the trial site host name, when site is live it shows the live site host name. (for all system pages & emails)
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Improvement  0

Implement Liquid Currency Filters

Please add liquid currency filters:

· money
· money_with_currency
· money_without_trailing_zeros
· money_without_currency 2
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Improvement  0

Secure Zone URL (Liquid access)

Wondering if we are able to get the Secure Zone Landing Page URL added to the {{request.currentmember.securezones}} output.

Right now we only have this:

“securezones”: [
“id”: 1,
“name”: “Secure Portal”,
“landingpageid”: 1863,
“createddatetime”: “2019-08-15T17:21:42.177”,
“updateddatetime”: “2019-08-15T17:21:42.177”,
“expirydatetime”: “9999-12-31T08:00:00”,
“ExpiryOption”: null,
“ExpiryAfter”: null

Would be good if URL was added, as such: landingpageurl...
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Improvement  0

Availability Of Secure Zone Status In Liquid

Currently, I don’t think there is a way to tell if an item is assigned to a secure zone or not.

It would be good to have the secured status of an item available in the liquid output so we can filter/sort by it (eg: use it to filter out secure items from a list if needed, or visually...
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