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Hide Dev Folders From File Manager

It’s great having the File Manager accessible via the admin for both clients and partners, however, since almost everything is accessible here it also opens up risks for those clients that like to poke around…

A simple feature suggestion might be to hide any folder from the file manager that matches a predefined naming convention. Such as any folder...
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Create Folder Within Image/Media Manager

The ability to add a folder within Media/Image Manager

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Add Ability To Get File’s URL In File Manager

It’s hard for users to get file URLs from the file manager.

Proposed solution:
Add a new menu item, “Copy URL”, under file actions dropdown that allows a user to copy the file’s url.


It would also be nice if the file name was linked to the file location in list (non-tree)...
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File Upload On Mobile Devices

The ability to upload files to the file manager from mobile devices.

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Improvements To Assign Documents To A Secure Zone

Since all user-uploaded documents go into one system folder (separated by ID’s within that folder), it doesn’t make sense to just secure that one folder, as we may need that folder for other items to be available (i.e. not secured), so suggestion:

  • Can we have it as an option in Custom Modules / Forms for any “Uploaded” item to have a...
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