Migration For business catalyst Partners

We made sure that for you the migration would feel like arriving home after it's being remodeled

Starting from $199

Treepl CMS provides seamless Business Catalyst Site Migrations, transferring your website design, content and modules from Business Catalyst straight into a Treepl Portal, ready for you to take live. Treepl’s Business Catalyst Migration tool automates over 50% of the migration process and what is not automated will be manually transitioned, undergoing testing on the latest browsers and platforms prior to being finalized.

What you get

Here is what's going to change for you and your clients

front end
Remains the same
back end
Minor learning curve for your client
Visual in-context editor (nICE) in every plan
Blazing fast responsive admin
Google Analytics integrated
Built-in AMP
Custom Modules - Web Apps that are more powerful
Extra SEO tools
Better menu builder
More advanced File Manager
More powerful Web Forms builder

Community First

For Business Catalyst partners looking for a new CMS to migrate to, you will love our growing Treepl Partner Community and Slack channel where you have direct access to Treepl developers and template designers to discuss feature requests, any troubleshooting plus planning for upcoming system releases.

Treepl also hosts regular online meetups and allows Treepl Partners to vote on upcoming CMS developments so you can take an active role in the growth of the platform.

Become A Partner

things to know

  • If you’re a Business Catalyst Partner, we only require Administration Access to a site to migrate the content.
  • Once a site has been transferred, like in Business Catalyst you can upgrade or downgrade Hosting Plans if your needs change and with fortnightly system updates you will be future proofing your website infrastructure.
  • We recommend prior to your Business Catalyst Migration that you install Google Analytics on your current website, so you can take advantage of having an industry standard reporting and analytics system integrated directly into your website. Then easily view statistics like Audience Overview, Top Page Views, Referral Channels, Top Devices and Geographic User Location straight from the Treepl CMS admin console.

How It Works

The whole migration process takes 3 easy steps:


Business Catalyst to Treepl CMS migration services are performed by Treepl Services team. After initiating the migration, we will ask you an Admin User access to the site.


The migrated website will appear as a new trial site in your Treepl portal (you will be notified via email). During 30 days trial site period, with our help, you will be asked to perform minor setup actions.


Activate site in Treepl portal. Remove site from BC partner portal. Hand the newly upgraded website to your client.

Let us know how we performed.

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